Professionalism, Integrity, Grit. PIG Life Apparel.

Why P.I.G.

About PIG Life

It started with a 1970’s watch my aunt received as a child. The watch portrayed a pig dressed in a police officers uniform. It said on the face of the watch, PIGS is beautiful. It also spelled out what it meant to be a “PIG” Pride, Integrity, Guts. As someone in law enforcement, she passed along the watch to me and I was inspired by its message. 

As a law enforcement officer, we strive to help, serve and support our community in which we work. The PIG moto is only a small part of what a police officer and every police department in the world stands for. It’s just a nicer way of saying and looking at the term PIG. 

A police officer is someone who is the picture of Professionalism. Someone who does the right thing even when no one is looking, Integrity. Someone who in the face of danger, runs towards the threat and protects those in peril, Grit. 

Not everyone is cut out to wear a police officers uniform, take the oath of office and uphold the law. But the thin line that is blue and true are a proud and honorable group.